Obama’s going to Copenhagen but will he live up to his own words?

My post on 1 Minute to Save the World

The White House announced last night that President Obama will be going to the UNFCCC conference in Copenhagen. This is good news as it means there is more chance (if only a little) that something constructive will emerge from the train-wreck that is COP15 – and that’s before it’s even started!

Well Obama, this is your chance to live up to your own words, evidenced here by Mike Erskine in his shortlisted film Our Time, “Yes we can repair this world”. We need leadership and it must come from the West. We need drastic cuts in emissions, not quick-fix solutions. We need you to keep your word Obama, repair this world.

Sometimes I think Bill Hicks really was a prophet. (It’s Bill Hicks so expect explicit language).


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